One 9" Eucalyptus stick perfect for smoke cleansing!


This eucalyptus is ethically grown and harvested in California.



Smoke from burning eucalyptus helps to clear any negative energy from a space, yourself, and your crystals. It is used for protection, healing, and spiritual cleansing. 


How to use eucalyptus smudge stick: Have a abalone shell or any handy bowl (ceramic or metal) and light with a wooden match or lighter. Blow out the flame, letting the stick smolder. Leave the bowl in a safe place and let it burn, this will fill your space with the wonderful aroma. You can also take the smoldering stick and cleanse each room of your home, wafting with a feather or your hand. You can also waft it over your body to cleanse yourself of negative energy. To cleanse crystals, let the eucalyptus burn in the bowl and take any crystal you want to cleanse and pass it through the smoke while asking the crystal to release any bad energies it may be holding and to accept the energy you would like to impart into it. Use daily or whenever you feel the need to cleanse! 

9" Eucalyptus Smudge Stick