The classic pairing to saging or smudging, abalone shells!


Many people, myself included, use these natural shells to hold thier smudge tools such as white sage or palo santo and to catch the ash when burning them. I love the natural feeling of holding the shell while I cleanse myself and my space! Plus they're beautiful to look at and can even be used as home decor!


This is a great gift to give a newly married couple or given as a housewarming present! Pair with a white sage stick and a couple palo santo sticks and you have the perfect gift.


Each shell is approximately 3-4" and has a nice deep well for the ash.


Shell shown may not be the exact shell you recieve and colors may vary slightly due to the nature of them.


Shown with a mini white sage bundle for scale only. Is not included.

Abalone Shell Smudge Bowl

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