Such a unique stone! Flashy polished arfvedsonite moons wrapped in .925 sterling silver or copper wire with sweet and dainty .925 sterling silver or copper satellite chain! 



18" chain

With .925 sterling or copper claw clasp


This listing is for ONE necklace!

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Arfvedsonite has many powerful attributes, and it is a stone that has the potential to produce amazing manifestations! It is a strong stone for spiritual growth, creating a clear path ahead. It helps you to re-organize and restructure your life, bringing extraordinary insights and a strong positive vibration. If you have been feeling depressed, this stone is a powerful aid to lift your vibration, so that you are able to see hope in the coming future. Its vibration will aid you to locate and release any energy blockages in your body. The light within you will begin to flow, from you to others, creating a stream of light and a flow of deep joy.

Arfvedsonite Moon Necklace