Irridescent champagne aura quartz crystals hand wrapped in .925 sterling silver or copper wire with sweet and dainty .925 sterling or antiqued copper satellite chain.


18" chain

With .925 sterling or copper claw clasp.


You will receive ONE necklace of your choice! Please use the drop down menu to pick your favorite!





Champagne Aura quartz brings the Golden Ray of Energy to you.  Gold is traditionally the color of kings, riches, and the sun. Gold is as close to a magical color as exists. It seems to touch a deep part of our minds, bringing up images of mystical places, treasure, and adventure. We instinctively seek this color because it makes us feel rich, secure, and successful. It is the color of many symbols of power and wealth. It enriches the spirit, warms us like yellow, and cheers us like orange.  Use Champagne Aura Quartz to bring the magic and power of the gold ray to your life and enrich it! 

Champagne Aura Quartz Necklace