This wrap necklace features a glittering nuumite moon and kiwi jasper stones all hand wrapped in .925 sterling silver wire and paired with super soft black cruelty free deer suede! This suede is incredibly soft and feels amazing on your skin. 


Measures about 65" long


Wrap necklaces can be worn many ways - tight against your neck, loosely draped, as a headband, or even dangle the crystals down your back for a subtle sexy look!





Nuummite, also known as Nuummit, is a very rare metamorphic rock that also happens to be the oldest mineral ever discovered, estimated to be around 3 billion years old. Nuummite works towards bridging the spiritual and physical realms together, providing a channel for higher knowledge and transformative energy to grow and prosper. This stone helps unlock your third eye and activate your psychic abilities. Visions of your past lives as well as messages from your guardian angels and spirit guides coming through during dreams or meditation sessions are common when working with Nuummite. Nuummite also has a history of being a powerful protective talisman that can shield you from negative energy, black magic, evil deities and curses/spells. This stone will replenish your aura with purifying energy that will help clear you of any negative vibrations. This mineral will keep your energy protected and unaffected as you go about your daily life without the fear of being exposed to constant negativity.




Associated with the Heart Chakra, Kiwi Jasper nurtures and supports us in times of stress. Kiwi Jasper lifts the spirit, removes negative emotions, and offers us strength and support. It is a great stone to work with when suffering from addiction or compulsive behaviors, and can be a key tool in a journey of recovery.

Nuummite Moon & Kiwi Jasper Wrap Necklace