Stunning soft pink scolecite moon wrapped in copper wire paired with a sweet and dainty antiqued copper satellite chain!


18" nickel free antiqued copper chain

With copper clasp




Scolecite is a powerful rebalancing stone, especially for people who have spent a large amount of time in high-energy environments. In Chinese philosophy, scolecite is associated with Yin energy, in contrast to Yang energy. Yang energy is outward-focused, whereas Yin energy is inward-focused and promotes self-love and healing. If you have spent a lot amount of time in Yang environments like as high-powered work environments or social events, you may need a good dose of the Yin energy of a stone like scolecite to “recharge.” This is very important for people who are introverted and  who gain their energy from being alone. Scolecite will speed up the recharging process, helping you gather your energy and calm yourself so that you are focused and ready for your next activity. 

Scolecite Moon Necklace

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