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  • What metals do you use?
    All chains are .925 sterling silver, 14k yellow gold filled, or solid 14k yellow gold. Choose what suits you best and rest assured your chains will shine forever!
  • What is the cost?
    The cost will vary depending on the chain you choose and if you want a bracelet, anklet, necklace, or ring. Rings: $30 - $50 Bracelets: $50 -$120 Anklets: $60 - $150 Necklaces: $120 - $280+
  • How long does it last?
    Your permanent jewelry is meant to last for as long as you’d like. Want to wear it forever? You’ve got it! But if for any reason you would like to take your jewelry off, simply cut a link with scissors at the link I welded and save your chain in case you want to get linked up again in the future. Please note, permanent does not mean invincible. While these chains are designed for every day wear it is still fine jewelry.
  • Does it hurt to get permanent jewelry?
    Not at all!! Getting a piece of permanent jewelry is a fun and completely safe experience. I use a micro welder to weld your chains quickly and safely. There is no pain or risk involved.
  • What if my chain breaks?
    Because your jewelry is perfectly fitted to your body, it should not break. However, if it does break, save your chain and contact me for re-welding. Your first reattachment is on me! Anything after that will have a $20 re-welding fee. If your chain is not in its original condition or missing a new chain will need to be purchased.
  • Can I go through airport security with permanent jewelry?
    Yes! TSA does not ask you to remove your fine jewelry so you can take your permanent jewelry on all of your amazing adventures!
  • Can I get an MRI or other medical procedures with permanent jewelry?
    Your permanent jewelry may need to be removed before a medical procedure. If so, carefully snip a link with any pair of scissors, save the chain, and contact me to get re-welded after your procedure.
  • Who should not get permanent jewelry?
    People with pacemakers should not get permanent jewelry because of the welding process. Anyone with allergies to sterling silver, gold filled, and solid gold should not get permanent jewelry.
  • I’m a minor…can I get permanent jewelry?
    Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult to get linked up!
  • Okay, I need a piece of permanent jewelry!! How do I get it done?
    Linked Up is currently a pop-up ONLY experience. This means any private parties and pop-ups at local businesses & events! Heres a few ways to get your hands on a permanent piece (or more!) 1. Host a party with your friends!! I will come to you and we will have a blast! (Minimum of 5 guests who will be getting linked up) 2. Get your friend who loves a good party to host! You know, that friend who makes the best charcuterie boards, has the best drinks, and loves having friends over?? PS: Hosts receive 20% off of whatever permanent jewelry gets welded onto their body! 3. Find me at one of my pop-ups at our favorite local businesses and book an appointment! (Boutiques, salons, studios, etc) Text me for more info about where I'll be popping up next! Tap this link to text me:
  • Can I book you for my next event?
    Yes!! I can’t wait to be a part of your special event! Linked Up is not only a jewelry brand, it is an experience. When you add Linked Up to your party, I bring that experience to you in whatever setting you choose. All I need is an outlet and a space to set up my table & chairs unless you will be providing them. Besides that, you have fun and I weld forever pieces on your guests! Guests will get linked one at a time until everyone has their perfect pieces then I’m out of your hair and you can keep on having fun! Permanent jewelry will bring an exciting and unique experience to birthdays, bachelorette parties, weddings, corporate events, you name it! I would love to chat with you ahead of time to hear more about your special event and how I can make it the best experience for you & your guests. You can always count on me to bring the best vibes and beautiful forever jewelry! A minimum of five people getting linked up plus a $50 non refundable deposit is required for booking a party. Deposit goes towards hosts final purchase. Please use the form below to contact me and get the booking process started!
  • I have a location perfect to host a Linked Up pop-up! How can we make this happen?
    Partnering with Linked Up is an experience you wont regret. As a small business, I am always looking to collaborate with other small businesses and brands to create hype! I care about the relationship I’m building with you just as much as the person sitting in my chair so the more we can collaborate the better. Let's work together to bring new and existing clientele a unique experience they won’t forget. By lending me space in your shop, studio, salon, etc we can invite new and returning customers through your doors. All I need is a small space to set up, an outlet, and the hours that work best for you so I can take appointments. Appointments are in 30 minute intervals giving the client enough time to choose their chains, get perfectly fitted, and be linked up. Then they have the opportunity to shop or meet your professionals! I have plenty of experience advertising on social media and have an audience of over 112,000 followers across social platforms. IG 78k FB 22k Tiktok 11.8k There is so much opportunity to meet new clients & customers, make sales, and get some UGC! We all love that don't we? The Linked Up experience will draw the crowd. All you need to do is provide the space! Please use the form below or contact me through email at so we can discuss our future partnership!
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