Welcome to my frequently asked questions!!

Below you can find many answers to any questions you my have.

Feel free to contact me with any unanswered questions.

Who are you?

My name is Nina! I am level 26 in life, vegetarian, crystal obsessed,

and in love with my business!

How did you learn how to wire wrap?

I started out by watching a lot of YouTube videos and exploring Pinterest to learn the basics of wire wrapping. Over time I've taken the basics and formed my own style!

Any tips on starting your own business?

Don't be afraid to start small and grow over time. I think many people have a misconception that things happen very quickly like gaining a large following on social media and making a lot of money. Focus on what makes you happy - your art.

The rest will fall into place!

PS. Google EVERYTHING haha! Everything I know I've learned from making lots of mistakes and using the heck out of google!

Are your crystals and stones real?

YES. Quality is sooo important to me!

All information about the stones is aways provided in the listing.

Can you tell me where you get your amazing stones?


Relationships with suppliers takes time and effort. I've spent years finding the best quality and prices for my customers and that is Twistful Thinking's life blood!

Do you have a storefront?

Not at this time but I am manifesting this idea!

Do you offer wholesale?

Not at this time but hopefully soon!

Where can I buy your jewelry?

Here on my website is where I list new updates and releases.

Occasionally I will hold live sales and story sales on my Instagram page.

I also set up at local events and festivals to sell my work mostly during the summer!

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes! If you would like to pick up (from the Ferndale MI area) feel free to contact me before/after ordering from my website!

Any shipping charges can be refunded after pick up.

Can I request a custom order?

Absolutely! As long as my custom orders are open at the time.

Please hit this link for more info!