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Gorgeous high grade angel aura coated clear quartz crystal hand wrapped in 14k rose gold filled wire with sweet and dainty 14k rose gold filled satellite chain.


18" chain

With 14k rose gold filled claw clasp.




Angel Aura Quartz is born when Clear Quartz is bonded with Platinum and Silver, sometimes Gold or other trace metals. It carries a very loving and sweet energy, stimulating the spirit and elevating your mood. Meditating with this crystal allows you to enter a state of serenity and peace, purification and rest, and to go beyond the body to perceive and receive help from one’s angel guides. Angel Aura helps you remember lessons from past incarnations and is an all-healer, harmonizing one’s energy field with the physical body. It is great for anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, and for use in Reiki healing, reflexology and shiatsu.

Angel Aura Quartz Necklace

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