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One of a kind bismuth crystal hand wrapped in .925 sterling silver wire with sweet and dainty .925 sterling silver satellite chain.


18" chain

With .925 sterling claw clasp.




Bismuth is lab created but still has great healing properties! Bismuth reduces physical, emotional and spiritual isolation. It can connect you to your higher consciousness helping you access wisdom and objective thought. Bismuth is a great stone to use to strengthen relationships. It stimulates energy and clears biological energy fields. It works with all 7 Chakras helping to align, balance and cleanse them. Known as a stone of transformation, Bismuth helps you facilitate the changes necessary to grow into the best version of yourself. During stressful times and when you are feeling overwhelmed, Bismuth will help calm your nerves, focus your mind and give you a boost of energy enabling you to overcome any obstacle you face.

Bismuth Necklace

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