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This ghostie pendant features a gorgeous carved petrified palm wood ghost set on a hand cut .925 sterling silver setting with hand stamped "boo" detail on the back.


18" chain

With .925 sterling claw clasp.




Petrified palm wood is known to possess practicality power and it infuses that energy in the wearer. It is a stone of success in addition to it also evokes tranquility and vigor to go the things by accepting the present. Recognized for its qualities of general fortification, it is the stone which turns out to be greqat for grounding and stabilizing your emotions. It's dark mystic dots are particularly useful in calming one's fears, soothes the troubled minds furthermore restore the balance to the body and spirit. It lends you courage to speak from the heart. By boosting deep meditative state, it encourages to release all the emotional bonds and free the mind to explore a higher consciousness. These petrified palms assist you to feel a greater degree of patience and to stay with a plan of action through to completion. By helping one to take the correct financial decisions, it always provides gains in the corresponding situation. 

Petrified Palm Wood Ghostie Necklace

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