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Love the rainbows in my photos??


Well this is how you get them!!


This gorgeous window decal features my crystal logo with leaf and moon necklace detail and will make gorgeous rainbows for you! 


These decals are made with the original and amazing Rainbow Symphony film and is far superior to any other rainbow making decal film out there. They can even be reused if applied and removed properly!


Enjoy this decal in any window that gets direct sunlight for an extra powerful unification of light, color, and science.


Size: 4"x3.2"



Application: Clean your window then use a wet paper towel or sponge to apply water to the spot that you want to place the decal. Gently peel the decal off of the white background being careful not to touch the back. Then place on the wet spot and gently press any air bubbles out of the decal. You can use a credit card or anything with a gentle straight edge to push the bubbles out. That's it! Time to enjoy some rainbows!

Twistful Thinking Crystal Rainbow Making Window Decal

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