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Calming energy: Create a relaxing home meditation space

Meditation has many physical and emotional health benefits,including stress relief, enhanced self-awareness and better self-control. The great thing about meditation is you can do it anywhere: near a body of water, on a mountain peak, in your bedroom. You really don’t need any specific tools besides your body and breath.

That said, carving out a specific space in your home for meditation may help you cultivate a regular practice. Whenever you see that space, you will be reminded of the importance of mindfulness. Your space will remain special to you, so whenever you are in it you’ll be able to tap into the positive energy there and quickly remember how you felt in your last meditation session.

Your space doesn’t need to be large and extravagant; it can be small and simple. Here are a few possibilities to consider when setting up your space.

Dedicate your space. No matter what you decide to include in your space, make sure you treat the room and objects with intention. Decide what you will do in that space, and don’t stray from it. For instance, determine that the space is only for meditation, yoga and mindful resting. Don’t allow kids to play in the room, and don’t fold your laundry or pay bills there. Treat the space with respect to keep its energy pure.

Create comfort. Calming your mind and body is more challenging when you are physically uncomfortable. If sitting on a hardwood floor is unappealing to you, include soft cushions and even blankets in your space. Make sure the room isn’t drafty or stuffy. If you are uncomfortable with others watching your practice, consider adding a screen between your meditation space and the rest of the home.

Bring nature in. Nature carries positive energy with it that can calm you down and improve your mood, so bring some of your favorite outdoor treasures inside. Crystals have a reputation for boosting positive energy, as do plants. Consider the elements earth, wind, fire and water as you set up your space.

Use uplifting aroma. Whether you like to diffuse essential oils, light candles or use incense, including your favorite scents in your meditation will help increase your focus. I love these sage smudge sticks and this beautiful abalone bowl for burning herbs, a ritual that’s been done for thousands of years to subtly influence energy.

Whether you decide to have a special meditation space or not, my friends, I hope you treat yourself to the daily healing benefits that come from finding stillness and mindfulness.

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