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How to cleanse and charge crystals

Crystals carry so much positive energy. You can maximize that energy by cleansing the stones. Here are a few ways to do that:

When you first receive your crystal, rinse it with running water and leave it in the moonlight for a night. The initial cleanse will rid it of any energies it has picked up in transit. When the crystal is clean, it will refocus the crystal’s energy and become open to healing you. Clean your crystal regularly in this similar manner to remove dust, debris and any discouraging energy your crystal has picked up.

You can also soak your crystal in salt water or meditate while holding the crystal. As you do this, try focusing your energy on the crystal to help clear it of any negativity. Be sure to do some research on the type of crystal you have to ensure you can soak it in water. Some crystals, like Selenite, Calcite, Lapis Lazuli and Halitite, can’t be soaked.

Last, you can use a technique called “smudging.” This is my personal favorite. Fill a metal bowl with a smudge stick, which is a bundle of sage or sweetgrass, and light it. Put your crystal in the trail of the smoke and let the smoke cleanse the crystal and its environment. This ritual of burning herbs has been practiced by indigenous cultures for thousands of years, and it’s an empowering way to influence the energy in your crystals and your space.

If you’re interested in using your crystal for healing, charge the crystal after you cleanse it by surrounding it with natural energy. Place your crystal in the rays of the sun or moon, or put it in contact with soil and surround it with plants. If you have other crystals with positive energies, place them around your new crystal and it will charge them as well.

Crystals can bring ample positive energy into your life. They can improve your mental clarity and physical well-being, relieve stress and even boost your creativity – only if you let them. Take care of your crystals, and they will take care of you!

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