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How to make crystal energy rituals a part of your routine

When days become busy and stressful, it can be easy to forget about self-care. Routine can make life feel mundane and if you don’t make time to get in tune with your energy and needs, you can become depressed or disheartened. We have to create space in our lives to use our crystals, and one way to do that is by making daily rituals part of our routines. Here are a few specific times during the day you can make space to hold your crystals so everyday activities become healing, refreshing ones.

Morning routine. Consult your crystals in the morning to set intention for your day. If you have a collection of crystals, choose one with an energy that’s appropriate to what you’ll be doing that day. Do a brief meditation with the crystal, asking it to guide you throughout your activities.

Tea infusers. Tea time is already a sacred routine to many, but adding a crystal can make it even more healing. Use a tea infuser with a crystal pendant and rub the crystal while you’re sipping your drink. The combination of the warm herbs and crystal energy is enough to calm you and recenter you in this ritual that you’ll look forward to every day.

Bath. Cleanse your body and your energy by making crystals part of your bathing routine. Place crystals in the bath water or near you in the shower. (Be sure to choose stones that won’t be damaged by water.) For a healing bath, place crystals over your chakras to help clear energy blocks.

Journaling. Writing in a journal is a cathartic relief for many. It can help you identify your stressors, prioritize your time and manage anxiety. Use crystals when journaling as a way to open yourself to your feelings and invite yourself to be honest with your writing. Before or after writing, briefly meditate with a stone of your choice. Visualize negative energy leaving your body and positive energy filling your body, making you whole.

Sleep. Place calming stones under your pillow, on your nightstand or somewhere else close to your bed. Hold and meditate with a calming crystal as a sleep ritual to promote better sleep and ward off negative energy that could create bad dreams. If you do have bad dreams or have a restful night, you can reach for the crystal as a means of settling down and relaxing.

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