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The power of the moon

Earth’s sweet companion, the moon, is a powerful beauty. She waxes and wanes as she circles us, creating energy that affects our moods. Her powerful pull creates tides, not only in the oceans, but also in lakes and beneath the planet’s crust. Without the moon’s gentle influence, life likely could not exist on Earth. We know she is always there, providing light and strength even in the darkest of times.

Our energy is distinctly affected by each phase of the moon. The new moon signals new beginnings, encouraging us to embrace hope and optimism. When the moon is waxing, or getting larger, we have capacity to use our energy for growth and learning.The full moon has the most power, and it’s common to feel the emotional energy that comes from having wishes fulfilled or manifesting true desires. The full moon is also a great time to charge your crystals, as it’s the time when the light is the strongest. Then, when the moon is waning, or getting smaller, we’re filled with the energy necessary to let go of old habits to make space for new ones.

Learning to ride the moon’s energy as it ebbs and flows will help us utilize its power and become more in tune with the energy that surrounds us in nature and in our fellow men. Just as our ancestors used the moon to create the lunar calendar, let us use the moon to add stability and productivity in our own lives.

My new collection of hand-crafted crystal jewelry is all moon-themed, in honor of our gorgeous celestial companion. Thank you for stopping by my blog, friends, and I hope you’ll take a minute and give the moon some extra attention tonight.

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