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Desert Rose: A spirit guardian in your pocket

Imagine having a spirit guardian in your pocket. When your self-confidence is low or you’re feeling uncertain, that little guide is there to give you confidence and an optimistic attitude. If you are seeking that type of energy, you’ll love the Desert Rose. Each crystal is said to contain a unique spirit guardian, and each is incredibly beautiful.

Desert Rose, also known as selenite or sand rose, is a naturally occurring crystal. Selenite is gypsum that has been eroded by sand, wind and water to form intricate patterns. The crystal is referred to as the “Desert Rose,” not only because of its shape, but also because of the petal-like softness of its ridges. The crystal is found in dry and arid regions, such as the Sahara Desert, Mexico, Spain, Australia and the southwestern United States.

Because it has a reputation for boosting confidence, Desert Rose is particularly useful for young people who are discovering who they are and developing their talents. Those formative years of life can be so challenging, and that extra energy can create a positive influence in the life of a child or teenager. Spiritually, Desert Rose has been known to spark creativity for the unsure and create a calming effect for those who are experiencing grief or intense phobias. Physically, it can ease symptoms from traveling, including nausea and alleviate symptoms of a viral infection.

Desert Rose has long been a symbol of luck for couples, and it’s easy to see why. Its beautiful shape is evidence that great beauty can grow in the most challenging locations. Keeping it in your bedroom will encourage your relationship to grow and remind you that your love can blossom into something incredible. Isn’t that amazing?

Are you going through something that is causing you to feel confused or doubtful, or do you know someone who is? Want a talisman that will invite confidence and expel fear and doubt? The energy of the Desert Rose can fill the gaps in your personal growth and give you strength where you lack.

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